Ana Sanz


I founded Las Pacas in 2010, after traveling around the world with the hope of creating an authentic and sustainable project.
The dream came true. we have grown and today we make the usual espadrilles for people of the 21st century.

We make espadrilles

It is more than a slogan. It is what we are. It is what we know how to do. Years of history support our cause. Not only do we make espadrilles in a traditional way, but we decided to reinvent the past to live a better present.

Our story is a story of...

Tradition and culture

We live in a small community in northern Spain called La Rioja.
Our grandparents, and our grandparents’ grandparents made espadrilles. Everything is done by hand, from the warping of the sole to the sewing and tracing.
At Las Pacas we have been working since 2010 to continue the tradition of more than three centuries and reinvent designs and concepts to adapt them to our time.

...if you want to know...

What we do

We design and manufacture in Spain. No short cuts. We use the highest quality materials. All our suppliers are located in the region. The team is made up of local people, who know the trade and transmit their knowledge from parent to child.


Our goal is simple

We want to continue doing things this way with honesty and hope. We want to keep the espadrille trade alive and make it known to everyone. We want you to know the great history and tradition behind it, which has evolved and adapted to the needs of each person. And above all, we want to continue having fun!

Meet the team




Shoe designer


Head of production


Sewing machine


Sewing machine






CEO this moment we are

Engaged in new projects


There are many other brands that do what we do.
We share the same what and how, but what interests us is the why and for whom.
Las Pacas creates espadrilles for people committed to the Planet, its neighbor, fashion and comfort. Keeping walking and being able to combine so many values ​​within the same project is the engine of our company.

Our values

All the decisions that are made in the manufacturing processes revolve around five values ​​that we have as a benchmark. Pay attention to them because they tend to be contagious.


we are genuine


with the people


with the environment


from the start of the process


embrace risk when you arrive

We like challenges,
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