Las Pacas is a shoe company specializing in the design and manufacture of espadrilles (alpargata, espardeñas). We are located in the community of La Rioja (northern Spain), the birthplace of the espadrille, as recognized by UNESCO.

Design, tradition and above all, a belief in a sustainably local and environmentally friendly economy. Our espadrilles are handcrafted, sewn  one by one by hand by our seamstresses. All fabrics and materials used are 100% natural. Staff pride themselves on close attention to detail.

Las Pacas are naturally attractive, with a very careful design and development based on tradition taught to us by our grandparents. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have done in making them.


The espadrille is known as being the most ecologically friendly footwear in the world. It is made from all natural materials such as jute, rubber and hemp. It is believed that the espadrille sandal takes it’s origins from Egyptian times. Later the style was adopted by the Romans who were inspired to develop a fully covered slipper and protect the foot from sun and heat. They can be found in documents dating back to 1322.


The base of the espadrille is made of jute, or organic fiber. This jute is braided, and shape to form the sole. The material has many favourable properties, such as allowing the feet to perspire, as well as creating active circulation. The sole is hand-sewn with a rubber finish to make it resistant to moisture.

The final product is a customizable, ergonomically flexible and comfort footwear.


From 1990, espadrilles have been worn in great demand. They became a very popular retro-fashion item as they were worn by Lauren Bacall in the 1948 movie "Key Largo". In 1960, Yves Saint Lauren designed the first sandals with heels for a parade in Paris. From this moment espadrilles became fashionable footwear during the summer season.