Our commitment includes:
Our honesty, tradition and environmentally friendly innovation.

Being honest in our work, with our workers and collaborators, with our products, being honest with you. Being honest with the present and with everyone’s future. The main commitment of our company.
Keeping tradition and our planet alive.
Our footwear is manufactured within our community, promoting small businesses and reviving the traditions of our parents.

We are not a big brand, we are our brand: we are the cultivation of jute, the vegetable rubber of the soles, the investigation of ecological fabrics and the hands of our stitchers. We are all the details you see in each collection and feel with each step you take with our espadrilles.
We have been practising Slow-Fashion and the circular economy for 10 years when the Las Pacas project was born. We want to be part of the change that allows everyone to continue enjoying life.

We like to think that you miss our espadrilles when it rains.


We are committed to promoting and protecting the environment.
Our espadrilles are part of the “Biosphere Reserve, Valles del Leza, Jubera, Cidacos and Alhama”, it is the past and it is the future.

Each of the espadrilles that we offer you is born in La Rioja, Spain, where the hands of our parents take care of shaping the latest technologies applied to fabrics and materials.

We bet 100% on the advances and results that R&D in footwear provides without ignoring current knowledge. If something works and is environmentally responsible, it remains part of our product.


We never get tired of researching, learning and promoting environmentally friendly projects. It is never enough if you can contribute more.
Our mission is to achieve maximum use of eco-friendly, recycled and/or vegan materials.
Each pair of espadrilles contains:

  • fabrics obtained from the recycling of 6 plastic bottles taken from the ocean, or garbage, or the recycling of fabrics used and transformed before.
  • vegan leather, created with microfiber of plant origin, such as pineapple.
  • jute and vegetable rubber on the soles.

We have all the official European Union control certificates for fabrics.

rPET (100% post-consumer recycled plastics)
SEAQUAL (60% upcycled marine plastic / post-consumer recycled PET)
GOTS 100% COTTON and LINEN (Upcycled cotton and linen post-consumer)
– Vegan leather (microfiber fabrics of plant origin)

The most attractive collection combines design, tradition and sustainability.